Bruce Avery Obituary: What Cause his death? Check out the updates on Bruce Avery’s Death


The former meteorologist at News 12 Long Island and longtime general manager of WRHU-88.7 FM of Hofstra University, Bruce Avery, passed away last Saturday at the age of 69. Being a prominent public figure, people all over the internet are eagerly searching for Bruce Avery obituary, in order to learn more about the tragic incident. 

Avery was quite famous among the students as a dedicated mentor who helped them on the road to become an international leader, through the college radio. His loss is truly devastating for them and the upcoming generation. 

He retired from the WRHU in August 2022 after serving 28 years as a general manager. He was a coach and counselor to thousands of students, helping them achieve unprecedented growth and success in their lives. To honor him and his wisdom, today we are here with all the essential information related to Bruce Avery’s obituary.

Bruce Avery Biography 

On May 30th, 1953, Bruce Avery was born in Watertown, Massachusetts. His family later moved to Connecticut, from where Bruce completed his education from Glastonbury High School in 1971. For further studies, he went to Northeastern University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology. Then, he earned a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from the Emerson College in Boston. 

His professional life begin with him working as a meteorologist at many TV Stations in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Later, he was offered a job at Hofstra which brought him to Long Island. Since then, for two decades, Avery worked as a meteorologist at News 12 Long Island. 

Bruce Avery Obituary 

Bruce Avery, at the age of 69, passed away last Saturday at his Ridge house. According to his wife, Veronica Dillon, Avery was struggling with prostate cancer that eventually cost him his life. 

Upon hearing of Bruce Avery’s death, Yam Bonsu, the Sports Director at WRHU, gave his condolences and shared a few words on Bruce Avery, “He spent his life inspiring other people. To me, he was someone I could rely upon and always turn to talk about, who always believed in me.” 

Avery’s students also shared their feelings and described him as a father figure who guided them through challenging career choices and milestones in life. 

“Avery changed the lives of thousands of students. He was also responsible for molding their lives in so many ways,” shared Heather Cohen, the Vice President on the executive committee of Hofstra University’s Alumni Organization. 

For most of the time Avery worked at Hofstra, he worked alongside John Muller, who was at the position of operations manager. And his support only helped Avery to succeed as general manager last year. John said, “Bruce was a friend, mentor and an incredibly talented media professional. He made significant contributions to the ongoing success of WRHU’s staff as well as the students.”

As soon as the words on Bruce Avery’s death came out, thousands of WRHU students as well as alumni posted their tributes on social media channels. 

On Saturday, a service will be held honoring Bruce Avery from 1 to 5 p.m., along with a eulogy at 4 p.m at Branch Funeral home on 551 Route 25A in Miller Place.


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