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Greenhead Lobster Reviews- Is it a Legit One?

There are many people who are highly passionate about lobsters as they find them very tasty and are always craving them. Do you also have the same love for lobsters? However, Greenhead lobster is one of the platforms which is made for you. It is very difficult for an ecommerce platform to sell food products because there are many things that they have to take care of while selling food items. In addition, being a customer you should be very concerned about the quality of food products and the legitimacy of the website from which you are purchasing them because there are several online scams that are running around in the world. Here with this greenhead lobster review, we are going to give you information about this platform and also let you know about the legitimacy of the company.

What is a greenhead lobster store?

Greenhead lobster is an online platform that has a wide range of collections of frozen lobsters, live lobsters, split tails and tail packs that you can order from their website. The company usually provides their service in the United States and you can find any item on their website and place the order anytime. On the website, you can see that all the products offered by them seem to be very fresh and tasty which you can give a try.

However, there are several reviews given on the Internet but no review can give you the information about the taste of the food they offer because it is very subjective to every person and you can only get it after you try their products. However, we can give you the information about the legitimacy of the company which is equally important as the taste. 

Features of greenhead lobster website 

When it comes to online platforms for websites, it becomes really important to believe over legitimate links or websites as some of the mistakes can make you the part of fraud or anything suspicious. So, the official website of greenhead lobster is and you can get an instant reply of your problems on their official number that is 888.756.2783.

There are multiple products that are offered by them like lobsters, split tails, frozen lobster tail and many other products. For the location of the company, you can reach them at 38 Ocean St. P.O. Box 670 Stonington, Maine, 04681. Along with this, they have also provided their email support system which is There is no social network presence of this platform and even they do not have mentioned anything about their return and replacement policies of the company.

Positives and negatives of the company

The main positive about the company is that they have different types of support systems which means you can contact them with any means and you will get your problem resolved. The company usually offers fresh items which means there is no issue with the quality. They have an official website where you can visit and get the details.

On the other hand, there are some of the negative points also about the company and that is they have not mentioned anything about their policies. Also, they haven’t clarified their shipping policy which is quite negative about their products and services.


With all of our research and reviews, we have seen that the company seems to be legitimate and they have a good trust score among their consumers but at the same time, there are several other things that takes us away from this platform after which we only suggest that the users to take all the safety measures before making any transaction with them.




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