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How wearable technology is growing and becoming mainstream

The whole world has suffered from COVID-19 pandemic and as a result, there are several studies that come out after the pandemic about the usage of wearable technology becoming mainstream for many people. This type of technology plays a major role for average customers and all of those early adopters who majorly believe in new technologies and their potential. According to a report submitted by more than 100 companies that are connected with health related services, wearable technology has become very essential for the consumers and the market of this type of electronics is also evolving day to day. 


For better understanding, we have mentioned all the reports and studies that claim the involvement of wearable technology in this article. Along with this, we have also discussed the reasons why this technology is evolving and has a very bright feature for the fast running involvement in the field of technology. So let’s move towards the details.

Evolution of wearable technology

The present scenario of companies is that they are producing wearable devices that are affordable and everybody can access these technologies at a very minimum cost. In the earlier times, there were a lot of sensors that are installed in these devices but nowadays these sensors are completely washed off from these devices as they have some specialised sensors that can detect all the things without any kind of blinking light sensor. In fact, some studies show that the accuracy of these smart health devices is constantly increasing and we are going to see a great revolution in this industry very soon.

Now if we move forward with some of the ideas about wearable technologies then Abbott which is one of the leading companies of developing medical devices, diagnostic and sensors. They have recently announced a new brand called Lingo where they are going to launch some of the products through which the wearable device can easily speak the condition of your body.

This product is completely based on their freestyle libre technology that was majorly designed for the people suffering from diabetes. Along with this, the company also claims that the sensors installed in the device will also help the user to get the statistics about their alcohol, ketone, glucose and lactate levels in the body that are important to be measured in some of the critical situations. This device can easily be installed by the user on the back of their arm with an adhesive, which is medically passed. Along with this, they install a filament under the skin for better accuracy and functioning.

Moreover, Oura which is a leading company of medical services as they provide smart rings in the market. The company is also planning to launch another product where they will provide those wearable devices that are approved by the FDA so that there will be no questions asked about the accuracy of the device and other medical related issues. 

From mass production of health devices to accuracy of sensors 

There are various companies who are constantly working on the accuracy of their sensors because when it comes to health then accuracy becomes really important for any device. There are a lot of people who suffer from very typical problems that not only cost them health related issues but can also become the reason for their death. This is the main reason why companies are constantly working over the accuracy and not focusing over the production levels of those devices. The main focus of every company is to install new testing machinery like blood pressure which is one of the vast health problems of the world and everybody wants such products that are wearable and can measure accurate blood pressure.

These are some of the major developments that are running around in the industry of wearable devices and the potential of such devices would be even more when the technology becomes more accurate and can replace those medical machines.


There are several reports that wearable technology is going to evolve in future and there are many other companies who will show their interest in such industry when it starts getting the recognition because wearable technologies are significant for human existence and helps people in different ways




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