Jason Hanold Net Worth 2023: Check out everything you need to know


Leading the Hanold Associates Executive Search & Leadership Advisory, Jason Hanold has reached a net worth of half a million dollars. He manages the company as the managing partner, and along with that, he is the Co-CEO of Hanold Associates with a partnership with his wife. 

Before starting their own business, Jason Hanold has worked as the global HR officer and managing director for the Russell Reynolds Associates as well. 

Speaking of which, today we are talking about Jason Hanold net worth of 2023. So, let’s get started! 

Jason Hanold Career

Throughout his career, Jason Hanold had plenty of opportunities with prominent firms and great experiences that inspired him to start his own company. 

He started his journey working in the operation sector at State Farm Insurance. Furthermore, he has also worked for companies, including McKinsey & Company, Deloitte and Whirlpool Corporation. 

He belongs to the region of greater Chicago. He has also been one of the Board of Trustees of the National Football Foundation & College Football Hall of Fame. 

Jason Hanold Net Worth 

Jason Hanold has an annual net worth of 500 thousand dollars. He has an enormous business empire and his huge connections helped him get to where he is now. 

According to Fortune, from Hanold Associates, $8,715,000 annual revenue comes. He founded the company in 2010 after building strong connections and experience from his prior work. 

Hanold Associates 

Hanold Associates, a leading Human Resource, diversity, and board-certified executive search firm, has an annual revenue stream of over half a million dollars. Hanold’s company also assists in HR and Executive Services. 

Some of the prominent clients of Hanold Associates include Tom Brady, NFL, Arizona Cardinals, American Airlines, Gucci, The New York Times, Zoom, Under Armour, and many more. 

Jason Hanold believes in keeping a healthy relationship with his clients as they often spend time with their families.

Jason Hanold has a salary range from 183k to 653k that comes from Hanold Associates, according to Glassdoor. And as he is the CEO of the company, Jason’s salary comes to around an estimated 653k. Recently, he has earned the title of highest donor with a donation of $20,000 to Damar Hamlin’s “The Chasing M’s Foundation” at gofundme.

Jason Hanold and his business partner 

Neela Seenandan, wife of business Jason Hanold is also his business partner at Hanold Associates. She is the Co-CEO of the company alongside her husband. The couple individually has a huge experience and successful career background.

Before joining hands with husband Jason Hanold, at Hanold Associates in 2011, Neela Seenandan also worked as the senior vice president of HR for Nielsen Holdings. Apart from that, she has also worked for companies like The New York Times, Save the Children and AON.


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