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Larry Kudlow Net Worth: Early Life, Career and Net Worth

What’s Larry Kudlow net worth? Something CNBC fans often wonder about. Larry Kudlow is the host of American Financial CNBC, Director, and Former US President’s assistant. He is known for his incredible work done in the financial department. With such broad connections and positions, Kudlow’s net worth obviously becomes an interesting subject. But before we jump straight to that, let’s have some insights into Larry Kudlow’s life, his career journey, and finances. 

Larry Kudlow Early Life 

Larry Kudlow’s actual name is Lawrence Alan Kudlow. He was born on the 20th of August 1947 in Englewood. Although his family shifted to New Jersey after Larry’s birth, he was raised there only. He completed his primary education at Dwight-Englewood Private School, and for further studies, he went to the University of Rochester, where he earned a degree in History in 1969. 

As Larry Kudlow was keen towards his education and always had an interest in international affairs, which is why he earned a master’s degree in the subject of international affairs from Princeton University. 

Now coming to Larry Kudlow’s personal life, he married Nancy Ellen Gerstein in 1947; however, the couple got a divorce in 1975. After that, Larry Kudlow married again for the second time in 1981, to Susan Sicher, but they got separated in 1985 because of differences in their lives. Later in 1986, he married Judith Pond. 

Professionally speaking, Larry Kudlow has earned a prominent position of himself via his career. He is an American conservative economist, newspaper columnist and television personality. He has been honoured with several awards, such as the Lifetime Achievement Award and Discovery award awarded by the New York Police Department, and the Ambassadors of Mission Award. Along with these, he has also won the Reagan Great Communicator Award, Bishop’s Humanitarian Award, and many more such awards for his work in the industry.

Larry Kudlow Career 

The road to Kudlow’s professional career began with the New York Federal Reserve, where he worked as a Junior financial analyst. After that, he decided to enter politics, which he did, working for the Ronald Reagan administration in 1981. His career took a big swing when Kudlow joined the Office of Management and Budget as the director, later making him the Chief Economist in Bear Stearns for seven years.

However, in 1994 he lost his job due to his unfortunate addiction to drugs in cocaine. After recovering, he went to work at CNBC as a board member for the Empower America organisation. 

Moreover, Larry Kudlow has also worked for the American Skandia Life Assurance and Independent Institute organisation. And he as well assisted the former US President, Donald Trump, in 2018. Currently, Kudlow is working for the National economic council as the director. 

Larry Kudlow Net Worth 

Larry Kudlow net worth has always been an interesting subject. As of 2023, his net worth is around $10 million. He has worked for numerous financial institutions as a financial analyst. At CNBC, his annual salary of Kudlow was around $800,000, reaching up to $185,000 when he joined the National Economic Council as the Director. 

Additionally, Larry Kudlow has huge stock holdings and liquid assets worth over $2 million.



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