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Lola Brooke Net Worth 2023: Early Life, Professional Life and Earnings

With an estimation of more than a hundred thousand dollars, Lola Brooke net worth is quite a popular subject. She is a prominent rapper who makes a handsome income by using her original music’s merchandise sales and streams. She is well-known for her songwriting skills, as she is also a songwriter and musician from Brooklyn, New York. She is counted among the most promising female artists who emerged from Brooklyn in the industry. 

Brooke has been passionate about music since the very young age of 8 years when she used to write tracks. She gained recognition when she released “Don’t Play With It,” “Gator Season”, “Dummy Ummy,” and “Options.” With her distinct style of songwriting, she grabbed great attention from the record label, “Team 80”, who offered her a deal, which she agreed upon. Speaking of which, today we are talking about Lola Brooke net worth involving her early life, professional life and earrings. Stay Tuned to find out! 

Lola Brooke Early Life

Born on February 1st, Lola Brooke comes from an American family residing in Brooklyn, New York. Brooke’s full name is Shyniece Thomas, and she has a zodiac sign Aquarius. She is an African-American, coming from a long descent line of Africans. Her lone mother raised her in the Bedford-Stuyvesant district of New York, as her father died when she was of a very young age Brooke completed her education at a space-related private school. 

Since the young age of 8 years, Brooke used to write tracks. Starting her musical journey from there, today, she is a prominent American singer, songwriter, musician and rapper. She has released plenty of hit songs, like “Don’t Play With It,” “Gator Season”, “Dummy Ummy,” and many others, that signed her a contract with Team 80 Entertainment as a vocalist. 

Lola Brooke Professional Life

Before succeeding in her music career, Lola Brooke worked in a variety of professions. She truly dived into the music industry in 2019 when she released three singles, including Cash Out and Boy! The very next year, she released three more singles, “Sh*ttin Me?” Options and My Bop. Then she collaborated with many prominent musicians within the industry and made an appearance in Maino’s album, “The Ghetto God.” 

For her all-time hit single, “Don’t Play With It”, she collaborated with the famous rapper, Billy D, that received nearly two million Spotify Streams. Then at the beginning of February 2022, Brooke released another single, “On My Mind.” Her most recent musical release is “Gator.” 

Lola Brooke Net Worth

As of 2023, Lola Brooke net worth is estimated to be around three hundred thousand dollars. She is counted among the most brilliant female rappers in the United States. In the near future, she’ll be added to the list of high-profile rap artists. Brooke’s main source of income is the merchandise sales and streams of her Original music. Besides that, she makes a fancy sum from record labels, collaboration and live performances at various events. She has performed at numerous events, including “Break The Internet Fest,” “Who’s UP Next,” and many such. Lola Brooke’s annual salary is around $100,000.



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