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Neatya Reviews- Is it a Scam?

There are several categories in which women’s fashion is divided and one of those categories is boutique and its designs. There are a lot of companies who become very fascinated about new and detailed boutique style clothes for women. The main purpose that they serve with the company and their designs is to provide good colours and designs that are suitable for different purposes. For all these services, Neatya is one of the online stores that provide their services in the United States.

However, before moving forward with the shopping pattern of their store, there are a lot of people who are very interested in knowing the legitimacy of the company. So here we have included all the important information that is related to the company and their services. We will provide all the useful information in our Neatya  Review. So let’s move on with the detailed information.

What is the Neatya store?

Neatya is an online store that offers clothes to their customers and they are majorly specified to women clothes and boutique dresses. There are several questions that are asked by the users about the legitimacy of the company and this is something which raises a lot of questions about their products and services. The company usually provides their services in the regions of the United States and there are a variety of clothes that are offered by them in boutique style. The thing that makes their platform different from the other companies is that they have a very decent pricing marked on their products which means you can get affordable clothes at the best price and quality. Along with the clothes, there are some of the garden related products as well that are listed on the website along with kids clothes.

Features of Neatya store

To make all these things clear, we have mentioned some of the details related to the website like their official handle which is and for their customers, they have some particular addresses and links which can be accessed by the customers. Likewise, the customer support email ID is and the address where you can find their office is No.8 2nd Street, Bristol, Connecticut, United States, 06010. In addition, they have given a telephone number which is used by the people for quick replies or resolution of problems and the number is 035113401338.

It is suggested that you should only follow these links or information given here because there are so many scams happening on the online platforms which either mislead you towards some serious scams or they can take your personal information for some suspicious activities. Moreover, they offer 35 days of return policy which they also call the warranty period of that product. You can get the refund if you return their products with all their specified conditions. In addition, they have fast delivery systems where you can get your product delivered in 2 to 3 days. The company also offers a wide range of payment options like MasterCard visa, PayPal and Amex. 


Online shopping has a very bright future because the whole world is inclining towards new technologies and it has also been found that online platforms have become so versatile that the people can receive things on their doorstep. In addition, websites like Neatya provide you with affordable products which makes online shopping even more easy and beneficial.



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