Noah Brady Obituary, Check out everything you need to know


Ever since the unfortunate news of the Noah Brady obituary came out, people have been searching all over. He was a very popular TikTok sensation who passed away at the young age of 21 years. 

Although there has been much news, still the cause of the death is not revealed yet. Speaking of which, today, we are talking about everything you need to know regarding the death of Noah Brady and his obituary.

Who was Noah Brady?

With more than 17k followers on Instagram and over 300k followers on TikTok, Noah Brady is a very popular TikTok star. On TikTok, he is popularly referred to by his username, ‘pworddestroyer69.’

Initially, he started posting fun videos of jom getting a tattoo every day for over a year. It surprisingly went really well and Brady gained immense popularity on TikTok. 

In July 2021, Brady posted the very first video related to this challenge. And as soon as he gained popularity, his fans named tons of objects for him to tattoo, including record players, juice boxes, orange soda and many more such. 

Noah Brady Cause of Death 

In today’s sedentary lifestyle, many people have struggled to manage careers and their lives. As people grow old, their body becomes more restless, that’s why it’s very important to take care of your health, especially during such times. 

The cause of a person’s death can be a lot of reasons like accidents, health issues, suicide, and others. Among the list of celebrities passing this year, the TikTok star Noah Brady’s name has also been added to the list. He was hardworking and in a few years, he gained great popularity over the Internet. 

However, now he is not among us all. According to Brady’s relatives, he committed suicide. His mother, Rena Smith Brady confirmed the tragic news of him passing away on her Facebook. 

Noah Brady Obituary 

As the news was confirmed by Noah’s mother, people over the internet are widely searching for the Noah Brady obituary. As people are wondering how Noah Brady died suddenly at the peak of his career. To clear things up, Noah’s mother shared a post on Facebook, where she wrote, “Sometimes you never know the pain behind someone’s smile. The front desk clerk at the hotel apologized and said they are sorry, when he checked in around midnight, I would never have guessed this outcome. He checked in smiling.” 

She shared that since ninth grade, Noah Brady struggled with depression but his family didn’t know anything about it, up until recent October. They did everything in their power to help him.

She even revealed that on the night of his death, she stayed up all night to help him by talking. However, he said, “No one should cry for me,” and this was his last text at 5:18 am.


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