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SPERGO Net Worth: Trey Brown’s Spark Tank Appearance and Profit

What’s the amazing story behind the young and smart entrepreneur Trey Brown? Something the fans of Shark Tank are wondering. 

The most surprising part is Trey Brown is just 12 years old, and he has launched a fabulous clothing brand, SPERGO Clothing. He began his journey to inspire the youth and to avoid violence. In 2018, stemming from the initial t-shirt sale; his business got a deal with a Shark Tank investor, Daymond John. Ever since then, there have been a lot of questions about SPERGO net worth. And today, that’s what we are talking about! 

Trey Brown and his journey 

With just $178 birthday money, Trey Brown started SPERGO Clothing by purchasing, customizing, and selling 16 t-shirts. For this, he earned $280 that he invested in expanding his business. The young entrepreneur was born and raised in the rough neighborhood in Philadelphia. And his mother, Sherell Peterson, is his biggest supporter in his journey. 

In an interview with the Washington Post, Brown shared his inspiration from Nehemiah Davis, a Philadelphia philanthropist, through a YouTube course on launching a t-shirt business. The name for his business comes from the combination “sports,” “heroes,” and “go-getters.” 

SPERGO Shark Tank Appearance 

When the business grew to new heights in 2021, Brown and his mother, Sherell, weren’t able to manage alone, so they applied to Shark Tank as they were required to raise capital to enhance the business’s digital marketing and hire an expert designer. 

SPERGO made the Shark Tank appearance on season 13, where they asked for $300,000 for 10% equity. 

As their story was impressive and the quality of the clothing was amazing, Daymond John showed his interest in investing. The final deal was made at $300,000 for 20% equity. 

SPERGO Net Worth after Shark Tank 

Within just five days of Shark Tank’s SPERGO episode, they received more than 1000 online orders. This made a 2000% increase in their online sales. The business received  great publicity from Shark Tank, which even made Trey Brown appear in Ellen and Fox business. 

Additionally, he received immense support from the NBA community, which brought him a grant of $200,000. This expanded SPERGO product collection, which is available in stores and websites. 

As of 2021, SPERGO made an annual revenue of $2.5 with a profit margin of 15%. This made SPERGO net worth to be an estimate of $2 million.



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